SUNJET II Forum - Agenda

Agenda & Presentations

Time Thursday, 2 June 2016
10:00–10:20 Registration and welcome coffee
10:20–10:30 Welcome, presentation of the event & opening speeches

Chair: Guy Gallic, Airbus Consultant


The Europe-Japan collaboration arena in the domain of Aeronautics

The challenges in the domain of Aeronautics go beyond sectorial and geographical borders; Europe and Japan are very well placed to pursue research together in aviation, as proven by past collaborative projects in FP7 and H2020. This panel will provide the policy-making authorities' perspective on the importance of EU-Japan collaboration in aviation and will outline the need for further efforts to unlock the potential of cooperation.

Chair: Guy Gallic, Airbus Consultant

  • Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
  • Shusaku Kichise, Deputy Director of Aerospace and Defense Industry Division

  • European Commission
  • Pablo Perez-Illana, Policy Project Officer Directorate General for Research (RTD) - View Presentation
  • Clean Sky
  • Guiseppe Pagnano , Clean Sky CTO - View Presentation


Europe-Japan cooperative activities

EU-Japan cooperation in aviation research has proven successful by means of several successful coordinated projects. The benefits of working together will be demonstrated through a number of presentations from such common activities.

Chair: Guy Gallic, Airbus Consultant

  • Global overview of current and past cooperation, in the frame of FP7 and H2020
  • Guy Gallic, Airbus Consultant - View Presentation

  • Presentation of EU-Japan collaborative projects :
  • Win-win Bilateral collaborations
  • Shigeya Watanabe, Next Generation Aeronautical Innovation Hub Center, Aeronautical Technology Directorate, JAXA - View Presentation

    • JASTAC Project (The Japan Airbus Structural Health Monitoring Technology for Aircraft Composite)

    Clemens Bockenheimer, Airbus Group

13:00–13:30 Finger Food

SUNJET II Overview

In order to identify further areas of common interest and to facilitate EU-Japan cooperation, a key role is played by SUNJET II. This panel will discuss how SUNJET II will contribute towards enhancing EU-Japan R&T cooperation in Aviation.

Chair: Jean-François Perelgritz, Airbus Group Innovations - View Presentation

  • SUNJET II project presentation and objectives
  • Process for proposing common EU-Japan research interests
  • SUNJET II main results and way forward

SUNJET II Collaboration Platform and Guidance Desk

An introduction of the SUNJET II collaborative tools, with instructions on how to register in the SUNJET II collaboration platform, search for partners, identify research topics of mutual interest and ways of consulting the SUNJET II Guidance Desk for practical advice and best practices on EU-Japan cooperation.

Chair: Jean-François Perelgritz, Airbus Group Innovations

  • Collaboration platform; how to connect European and Japanese partners
  • Michael Papadopoulos, EASN-Technology Innovation Services - View Presentation

  • Guidance desk; recommendations and best practices when working between EU and Japan
  • Gosse Wedzinga, National Aerospace Laboratory NLR - View Presentation

14:30–15:00 Closing coffee
15:00-17:30 B2B meetings

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 640480

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The consortium is working in close cooperation and supported by Japanese mirror organizations, including the Society of Japanese Aerospace Companies (SJAC), the Japan Aircraft Development Corporation (JADC), the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), the University of Tokyo and Chubu Aerospace Industry and Technology Center (C-ASTEC).

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