EU-Japan Symposium - Electrical Technologies for the Aviation of the Future, Tokyo

SUNJET II initiated its activities with a very successful Europe-Japan Symposium on "Electrical Technologies for the Aviation of the Future". The two day symposium was held on 26-27 March 2015 in Tokyo and was hosted by the Delegation of the European Union to Japan.

This 2-day symposium was a unique opportunity:

  • To share the requirements and the vision of the aviation industry for high value products using the best current and future electrical energy technology that can be envisaged;
  • To understand the current and future developments and performance capability for elements of energy storage systems, including: Batteries, Super/Ultra Capacitor, Fuel Cells / Hydrogen Storage, High Integrity Control Systems, including Power Electronics.
  • To consider the potential synergies between different industries: aviation, other transport, space, etc in relation to electrical technologies;
  • To deliver inputs to SUNJET II and prepare future coordinated calls between Japan and Europe.

Around 180 people from Europe and Japan had the privilege to attend a number of excellent presentations from the most important European and Japanese stakeholders.

The Symposium was, also, an excellent opportunity to gather relevant stakeholders and to pave the way for future EU-Japan cooperation, which could be co-funded by Horizon 2020 (EU's Framework Programme for Research & Innovation) and by METI (Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) and other relevant Japanese Ministries or organizations.

EU-Japan cooperation in aviation research has proven successful by means of coordinated projects (FP7 SHEFAE on heat exchangers, FP7 JEDI-ACE on de-icing, FP7 HIKARI on high-speed aircraft). New EU-Japan coordinated projects are expected from the Horizon 2020 call for proposals currently open (on cabin systems, composite structures, heat exchangers and flight control).

In order to identify further areas of common interest and to facilitate EU-Japan cooperation, a key role is played by SUNJETII, the Horizon 2020 funded "Sustainable Network for Japan-Europe Aerospace Research and Technology cooperation".

The symposium concluded in a number of research areas which could form the basis for collaborative research initiatives between European and Japanese entities.

The presentations of the Symposium are available here.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 640480

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The consortium is working in close cooperation and supported by Japanese mirror organizations, including the Society of Japanese Aerospace Companies (SJAC), the Japan Aircraft Development Corporation (JADC), the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), the University of Tokyo and Chubu Aerospace Industry and Technology Center (C-ASTEC).

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